Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Rihanna's Makeup

I could not help myself,I had to write a post about the beautiful Rihanna herself and her flawless looks throughout the past year !
We see Rihanna most of the time with a beautiful,clean and flawless face but she gradually adds more. We have seen her with eyelashes and bold lip,we have seen her with winged eyeliner and bold lip,we've seen the smokey eye and then the red lips look but then Rihanna came and rocked the black lips and let me tell you,she most definitely pulled it off !
When I thought it seen it all,I saw a picture of Rihanna and her makeup caught my eye ! It was so beautiful,dold and sharp but yet so wearable. It was a white lip and a brown crease and a cranberry lip. It's by far my favourite makeup look.
Rihannas makeup artists is the beautiful Mylah Morales.

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