Sunday, 24 May 2015

H&M wish list 2015

H&M has come out with some gorgeous clothing items for summer. 
Today I'll be sharing some of my favourite peices of clothes,shoes and many more items for H&M.
I definitely recommend poping into a H&M store or take a look online 
You can also download the app in the AppStore and you can select the country your in.
Ok so let's start ! 
V-neck top - White 
Off-the-shoulder blouse - blue/patterned
Blouse with trumpet sleeve - power beige
Flared dress - orange
Beaded dress - White 
Playsuit with lace 
Long shirt 
Long cotton shirt - light blue 
Skinny low ankle jeans - grey 
Worn denim shorts 
Shorts with a lace trim - black

Jacket with a belt - white

Sandals with a shaft (gladiators)
Ballet pumps 
Suede boots 
H&M have so much more amazing items and I could go on forever, they also have amazing swim wear and accessories.
I have not being sponsored by H&M to do this post and just love H&M for amazing fashion items for a reasonable price.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Rihanna's Makeup

I could not help myself,I had to write a post about the beautiful Rihanna herself and her flawless looks throughout the past year !
We see Rihanna most of the time with a beautiful,clean and flawless face but she gradually adds more. We have seen her with eyelashes and bold lip,we have seen her with winged eyeliner and bold lip,we've seen the smokey eye and then the red lips look but then Rihanna came and rocked the black lips and let me tell you,she most definitely pulled it off !
When I thought it seen it all,I saw a picture of Rihanna and her makeup caught my eye ! It was so beautiful,dold and sharp but yet so wearable. It was a white lip and a brown crease and a cranberry lip. It's by far my favourite makeup look.
Rihannas makeup artists is the beautiful Mylah Morales.

Friday, 8 May 2015


Summer is just around the corner,the weather is getting warmer and braids are appearing on heads.
Braids trend all year round but they are especially cute in the summer to have your hair out of your face and adding a chic look.
We have seen many celebratiese on the red carpet with beautiful braids in there hair.
Here are some examples:
Eva Longoria
Cheryl Cole
Lucy Hale
Blake Lively 
Hayden Panettiere 
Kim Kardashian

My favourite type of braid is the one that takes 2 minutes to make in the morning and for me the messier it is the better.
Here are some examples of messy braids:


Saturday, 2 May 2015


              In 2015 we see a lot of colour on the runway,street and in clothes shops.
               So today ill be sharing with you some of my favorites trends of 2015 !

1. Head To Toe White is such a big trend at the momentwhich we've seen on many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Vanessa Hudgens and many more. We have also seen it on the runway and on the street.
         2. YELLOW is a big trending colour
Yellow is not only a beautiful colour that reminds us on summer, but the colour yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.

                3. BLUE AND WHITE is seen a lot, any colour looks good matched up with white and                               blue is adding a bit of a twist to the every day black and white.

4.GINGHAM is pattern that we see every where and it's paired with loads of different colours, from bright colours to dark colours.
5.BLACK AND WHITE will never go out of fashion it is a statement in every girls closet and its is an absolute classic that we see every year on the runway,on celebrities, on the street and in shops ! we are safe to say we see it every where,every day !

6.TRENCH COAT STYLE KIMANO has literally been seen in every shop this year. It is the perfect piece of clothing item to throw over any outfit, as you can dress it up or down on.

7.MILITARY GREEN we're seeing a lot of this spring coming into summer. It is one of the biggest trend, we have seen Marc Jacobs,Gucci and Sacai rock it on the runway.